Emergency or Police

Fire and Police are dispatched by Oldham County Central Dispatch.
If you have an emergency, call 911.
The non-emergency number for
OCCD is 502-222-0111.

Road Concerns

If the road is a Crestwood City road, contact the City Clerk at 502-241-7088.
If it is an Oldham County road, contact OC Fiscal Court at 502-222-9357 and they will connect to the OC Road Dept.

Gas and Electric Service

The gas/electric provider for Crestwood is LG&E. You may contact their customer service department at 800-331-7370 and follow the option for new service.

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Oldham County Recycling can be reached at 502-565-1007. Check their website for hours of operation.



Water Service

Water service in Crestwood is provided by Louisville Water Co. Their contact number is 502-583-6610 and then follow the options.

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Sewer Service

Sewer Service in Crestwood is provided by Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) and is included on your bill from Louisville Water Company.

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Animal Control

Oldham County Animal Control can be reached at 502-222-7387. Check their website for hours of operation.





Where do I vote?

Go to the Secretary of State’s link below to find out your precinct. Information for each Crestwood precinct is below.

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H101: Crestwood Baptist Church, 6400 Sweetbay Dr.

H104: South Oldham Government Center, 6710 Hwy 146

H106: South Oldham Middle School, 6403 Hwy 146

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