Crestwood was actually originally known as Beard’s Station during the early days of the railroad in the 1850’s. During that time, much of the countryside landscape was vast hardwoods. In 1839, Joseph Beard purchased 263 acres to farm in and around the area now known as Waldeck Farm. Throughout the years, he accumulated vast tracts of land and through his foresight and philanthropic disposition, became a potent factor in the development of the community. Joseph Beard took advantage of the fact that the railroad was being extended from Louisville to Frankfort. He demonstrated his public spirit by donating ground for the railroad. He built a warehouse where the rail line and Kentucky Highway 329 intersect which became the station. Beard became one of the few individual owners of a railway station in his day, known as Beard’s Station.

*Photos courtesy of the Oldham County History Center

Crestwood is home to many unique places…. most notably Harrod’s Creek Baptist Church, Camp Kavanaugh, Waldeck Farm, Yew Dell Gardens and the Duncan Memorial Chapel.

Harrod's Creek
Baptist Church

Harrod’s Creek Baptist Church in Brownsboro was officially constituted as a church in 1797. Under the leadership of preacher William Keller, the stone church was built in 1822 and is considered to be the oldest in Oldham County. Historically, churches were named after the nearest creek.

Camp Kavanaugh

Picnicking at Camp Kavanaugh in Beard (Crestwood) circa 1900. The campground, created by Bishop H.H. Kavanaugh, was used for religious purposes and for refreshment, both spiritually and physically. Cottages nestled in the forest on land affectionately referred to as ‘Holy Ground’.

Waldeck Mansion, on Highway 22 in Crestwood, was built in 1888 by Karl Jungbluth, a German businessman and gentleman farmer. It is believed that construction of this 8,500 square foot mansion spanned for five years and now provides a picturesque setting for events. 


Yew Dell was the former estate of famed horticulturist Theodore Klein and his wife Martha Lee. It is now a beautiful boutique botanic garden in Crestwood (Old La Grange Road) and displays lush gardens with unique plant cultivars alongside historic and modern architectural features.

Duncan Memorial Chapel, located in the historic Floydsburg Cemetery, was built by Mr. Alexander Duncan in 1936-37 as a memorial to his wife. It is one of the oldest cemeteries in the state and began with the Boulware family burial ground as early as 1774. The chapel is a popular wedding venue. 

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